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CHEN Shu-Ching
■Professor emeritus    University name
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■Academic background    School name   Course   Faculty and Department   End date   Final result   Location   Country
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■Academic degrees    Academic degree name   Awarding institution name   Date degree was acquired
Doctor of Philosophy University of Adelaide, Australia 2003/12

■Career    Position or role   Employment period
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■Status of education and research activities    Status of activities
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■Current research field    Field Name
Services Marketing and Management

■Keywords    Keywords
Consumer experience; Customer value; Consumer journey; Market orientation; Customer loyalty; Service employees; E-loyalty; Online community; Branding; hospitality

■Academic awards    Academic award name   Date awarded   Location
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■Textbooks and teaching materials    Title of textbook or teaching materials   Creation date
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■Academic societies    Academic society name   Membership period   Location
Official position title  Period in position
American Marketing Association (AMA) 2011/08 - Present Overseas

Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) 2008/11 - Present Overseas

Chinese Marketing Science Academy 2008/05 - Present Overseas

Korean Academy of Marketing Science (KAMS) 2008/03 - Present Overseas

European Institute of Retailing and Services Studies (EIRSS) 2006/07 - Present Overseas

International Association for Chinese Management Research 2005/07 - Present Overseas

Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) 2004/05 - Present Overseas

European Marketing Academy (EMAC) 2002/05 - Present Overseas

■Licenses and qualifications    Name of license or qualification   Date acquired
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