College of Asia Pacific Studies  Faculty Members
Professor (Total:23)
Name Specialization Areas
   FUCHINOUE Hideki Peacebuilding, Resilience Building
   GHOTBI Nader Hygiene and public health: excluding laboratory approach, Philosophy and ethics, Economic policy
   HAYAKAWA Osamu International law, Politics, International relations, Environmental policy and social systems
   IGUCHI Yufu Area Studies, Gender, History of Thought
   KASEDA Yoshinori Politics, International Relations
   KIKKAWA Takuro Politics, Area Studies, International Relations
   KIM Chan Hoe Folklore Studies, Japanese Literature, Japanese literature, Religious studies
   KIM Sangho Economic policy, Economic statistics
   MANTELLO Peter A. Artificial Intelligence, Media and Politics, Videogame Theory, Intelligent Systems, Surveillance Studies, Predictive Policing, Conflict and War
   NATSUDA Kaoru International Development Studies, International Political Economy, International Management, Area studies
   OTSUKA KOZO Applied Economics
   PROGLER Joseph Ethnomusicology, Philosophy and ethics, Religious studies, Theory of art practice, Education
   ROSE John A. Nano Materials/Nano Bioscience, Sensitivity Informatics/Soft Computing, System Engineering, Biological/Living Body Informatics, Software
   SALAZAR Robert A.C. Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies, Sociology, Resource Maintenance Studies, Natural Disaster Science, Environmental Influence Valuation/Environment Policy, Forestry/Forest Engineering (Social Forestry)
   SATO Yoichiro Politics, International Relations
   SEIKE Kumi Sociology
   TAHARA Hiroki Vietnamase, Popular music in Vietnam
   TAKEKAWA Shunichi Politics, Media & Journalism Studies
   YAMAGATA Tatsufumi Development Economics, International Cooperation, Bangladesh Economy, Textile and Apparel Industry, Disability and Development, Health and Infectious Diseases, Applied Economics, Area Studies
   YAMASHITA Hiromi Social-ecological systems, Environmental policy and social system, Sound material-cycle social systems, Environmental sociology
   YONEYAMA HIROSHI History of Europe and America, Area studies
   YOSHIDA Kaori Media and cultural studies, Gender studies, Japanese popular culture
   YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka International Relations, International Political Economy, Regional Studies (East Asia)
Associate Professor (Total:13)
Name Specialization Areas
   ASKEW David J. Japanese History, Basic Science of Law, Law (jurisprudence)
   GOMEZ Oscar A. International Relations, Disasters, Environmental policy
   HASUDA Takashi History of Asia and Africa
   HEO Seunghoon Emilia International relations, Politics, Area studies
   KOJIMA Shinji Sociology, Area Studies
   LE Hoang Anh Thu Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies
   MAHICHI Faezeh Social-ecological systems
   NAKAGAMI Masafumi Economic policy, Hygiene and public health: excluding laboratory approach
   PORTO Massimiliano Economic policy
   ROTHMAN Steven B. International relations, Educational technology, Politics, Tertiary education
   TSUKAMOTO Takashi Area studies, Politics
   VYAS Utpal Area Studies (East Asia), Politics, International Relations, Area Studies (European Union), Political Economy
   YAMAURA Koichi Agricultural and food economics, Environmental policy and social systems
Assistant Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   HIRANO Miharu International law, New fields of law
   KIM Jiye International relations, Politics, Area studies
   MIYABE Takashi Sociology