College of International Management  Faculty Members
Professor (Total:22)
Name Specialization Areas
   ALCANTARA Lailani Laynesa Management
   ASGARI Behrooz Management of Technology, Economics of Technological Change, Systems science, Industrial Engineering
   BARAI Munim Kumar Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Commerce, Public Finance, Economic Policy for Poverty Reduction and Growth, Accounting, International Economic Relations
   BEISE-ZEE Marian Business Administration, Economic Statistics, Commerce
   CHEN Shu-Ching Marketing and Management
   CORTEZ Michael A. Accounting, Business administration, Environmental policy and social systems, Tourism studies
   FUJII Seiichi Business Administration, Commerce
   FUJIMOTO Takeshi Management
   FUJITA Masanori Business administration, Social systems engineering
   GUNARTO Hary Multimedia database, Web informatics, Serviceinformatics
   HAIDAR Ali Business administration
   HOOI Carol Lai-Wan Business administration
   KAWAZOE Satoshi Finance
   KHAN Muhammad T. Communication/Network Engineering
   KIM Rebecca ChungHee Business administration, Comparative CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Creating Shared Value (CSV) in Asia, Institutional Theory, UN SDGs, The Varieties of Capitalism, Inclusive Leadership, Business Ethics
   LEE Geunhee Business Administration
   MIYAZAKI Kumiko Management, Management of Technology, Science and Technology Policy
   OKUYAMA Ryo Business administration
   OTAKE Toshitsugu Commerce
   PARDO Phillip Dean Taxation, International, Transfer Pricing, Virtuous Management, Codes of Conduct, Resilience, Inclusivity, Impact, Audit and Governance, Data Analytics for Hospitality, Professional Engagement, International Business Transactions
   SUZUKI Yasushi Comparative Financial Systems, Islamic Finance, Public Finance, Institutional Political Economy, Philosophy of Economics
   ZHANG Wei-Bin. Economic theory, Money and finance, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy and Buddhist philosophy
Associate Professor (Total:13)
Name Specialization Areas
   ACKARADEJRUANGSRI P. Business Administration
   FUKUYAMA Kimihiro Blockchain, Web3.0, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Greater China Business, General Management/Family Business Management/Coaching, International Logistics, Supply Chain Management, NFT, Security Token, Metaverse, Securitization, Crypto Assets, Central Bank Digital Currencies, International Settlements, Sanctions, Anti-money Laundering, International Taxation, IFRS, Private Equity/Venture/Cross border/International Investment, International Organizations, International Trade, Incoterms
   KIM Youngsun (Sean) Consumer Psychology, Service Experience Management, Digitalization of Business, Experimental Resear
   KOZUMA Rintaro Number Theory
   MAKINO Emi Business Administration
   NAKAJIMA Katsushi Money and Finance, Economic theory
   OZAWA Tomoyuki Business administration, Accounting
   SAITO Hiroaki Hospitality Management, Service Management, Organisational Psychology & Behaviour
   SATO Hiroto Accounting
   SHINOHARA Yoshiki Business Administration
   USREY Bryan Gordon Business administration, Experimental psychology
   YANG Jeongwoo Business Administration, Accounting, Internal Audit, Internal Control, Corporate Governance
   YOO Bosul Business administration, Others
Assistant Professor (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
   RUIZ-NAVAS Santiago Business administration, Others, Library and information science, humanistic and social informatics