Education Development and Learning Support Center  Faculty Members
Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   CUTTING Miki Instructional systems/Instructional Design, International education, Foreign language education
   SAWAKI Takeshi foreign language education
   SHIN Kimie Tertiary education, Sociology of education
Associate Professor (Total:4)
Name Specialization Areas
   KANAI Shusuke Business Administration, Pedagogy
   ROUX Petrus Willem Educational technology, English Linguistics, Education, Clinical Psychology, Tertiary Education
   TATEYAMA Hirokuni Cultural anthropology, Area studies
   TSUTSUI Kumiko Cultural anthropology, Foreign language education, Area Studies
Assistant Professor (Total:5)
Name Specialization Areas
   COUSINS Elicia Mayuri Sociology
   FUDEUCHI MISA Sociology of education, Education, Educational psychology
   GAYDOS Matthew Joseph Educational psychology, Education, Educational technology
   MIYOSHI Noboru Sociology of education, Tertiary education
   TSURUHARA Toshiyasu Education, Area studies, Others