Department     College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
Research Period 2013/04~2017/03
Research Topic Historical and Anthropological Studies on Cambodian Buddhism: Dynamism of Creating National and Ethnic Cultures
Research Type Individual Research
Research Division KAKENHI Research
Consignor Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Program Type Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
KAKENHI Grant No. 25283016
Responsibility Representative Researcher
Representative Person SASAGAWA Hideo
Details Integrating methods of historical study and cultural anthropology, this research project aimed to elucidate Cambodian Buddhism from the colonial era to the present comprehensively. In the first place, information about contemporary temples was digitized and combined with historical data in order to discuss the relationship between population density and temple locations and the process of defusing educational policies. Next, field research on mobility of monks and ordination patterns was conducted at particular districts to analyze the relation between life course and ordination. In addition, several articles on monks' involvement in language policies, lay people's roles in terms of food preparation at temples, the historical transition of various buildings there, etc. were published for the purpose of shedding light on Cambodian Buddhism from multiple angles.