PARDO Phillip Dean
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of International Management
   Position   Professor
Research Period 2014
Research Topic Prediction of Hotel Occupancy Rates using Social Media Data
Research Type Joint Research
Research Division
Keyword Data Mining, Predictive Analysis, sentiment modeling, Social Media,Hotel Occupancy, Hospitality, Change point analysis, algorithmic analysis, Forecasting, Big Data
KAKENHI CategoryBusiness administration
Soft computing
Research System Frontier Research
Details フロンティア研究 Predicting hotel occupancy rates using social media data. The premise is that expressions of sentiment, embedded in social media, should provide an indication of how the public and the consumer feel about travel to a tourism destination. The question is, how can we extract this sentiment and once extracted, can that sentiment actually be used to forecast something as concrete as hotel occupancy rates?