GOMEZ Oscar A.
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2013/04
Type Research paper (Academic/Professional Journal)
Title Multiple Interfaces of Human Security: Coping with Downturns for Human Sustainability
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal Journal of Human Security Studies
Volume, Issue, Page 2(1),pp.10-29
Author and coauthor Mine, Y. and Gómez, O.A.
Details The present article discusses manifold ways in which the notion of human security revitalizes our understanding of people's reaction to sudden downturns. The argument is placed against the backdrop of recent experiences unfolded by the Great East Japan Earthquake, which the authors have witnessed with a sense of urgency. We also deal with a comprehensive set of key ideas related to human security, such as human development, human rights, national security, risk and sustainability. Listening to the voices of the insecure, transmitting their messages to decision-makers in critical situations is emphasized as a sine qua non of the human security approach. The target of inquiry should be both psychological and physical insecurities of the most vulnerable to risks and threats, especially the ways in which they perceive insecurities as a matter of life experience. The idea of human security is premised upon a framework beyond methodological individualism, envisioning a holistic system that would accommodate sustainable interactions between nature and human society.
ISSN 2432-1427