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Language English
Publication Date 2016/11
Type Research paper (Academic/Professional Journal)
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title Analysis of availability to health care for the population of Kazakhstan at the Primary health care
(Published abstract in Publication of 9th European Public Health Conference All for Health, Health for All Vienna, Austria 9–12 November 2016)
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal European Journal of Public Health
Volume, Issue, Page 26 (suppl_1),pp.ckw167.031.
Author and coauthor Z Sagyndykova B Turdaliyeva U Altynbekova G Aimbetova S Meirmanov
Details Background

A foundation of health development frame work is build in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The health care system in the path of perfection, and in this way plays an important role providing the population with a fair and equal access to health care. We investigated the availability of care at Primary health care level among urban and rural population.


We implemented questionnaire (approved by local ethics board).The survey was conducted in among 1200 urban, 1200 rural respondents, 18 years and older. All the data were processed using the computer program SPSS. The analysis was conducted to determine the geographical and time availability.


As a result, we conducted a poll revealed that 19.1% of urban respondents spend on the road for over an hour to the nearest Primary health care, while only 0.4% of rural respondents require the same amount of time to the nearest primary health care (p < 0.001). In a survey of how long it takes to wait to get an appointment with a general doctor only 6.8% of urban respondents said that they expect up to 10 minutes in the queue, while 40.3% of rural respondents are waiting up to 10 minutes to see doctor (p < 0.001).


There are some problems with the availability of the urban population, those are the remoteness of the Primary health care center than for the rural population. For a full analysis of the accessibility of health it is necessary to analyze the question in all categories, such as: affordability, availability of highly specialized medical personnel, etc.

Key messages:

Now there is the reform of primary health care system, it is directed firstly on the access to health resources
and secondly on the improvement of the primary health care centers on the approach to the population and the division into small primary care centers to cover the entire population
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