NAKATA Yukihiko
   Department     College of International Management
   Position   Visiting Professor
Language Japanese
Publication Date 2012/10
Type Research paper (Academic/Professional Journal)
Title (Invited Paper) Organic EL for Energy-saving and Organic Solar Cell for Energy-creating by Printing Method
Contribution Type Single Work
Journal Journal of Printing Science and Technology
Volume, Issue, Page pp.312-317
Details Organic electronics using printing method has the potential to reduce the production cost without a vacuum. Moreover, it can contribute to environmental maintenance as organic electro luminescence for Energy-saving and organic solar cell for Energy-creating. However, there are some issues, such as low performances, low reliability and high cost compare to the existing products. It took a lot of research and development to solve the issues. It is required to jump across the “Valley of Death” for transferring from such basic research to commercialization I propose the directions of this measure.