SUZUKI Yasushi
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of International Management
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2021/01
Type Book(Whole book)
Title Growth of Islamic Banking in Indonesia: Theory and Practice
Contribution Type Joint Work
Journal TypeAnother Country
Publisher Routledge
Total page number 144
Author and coauthor Sigit Pramono
Details 1 Introduction 2 Indonesia’s Islamic banking: Shari’ah implementation, genesis, and socio-political context 3 Recent development of Indonesia’s Islamic banking: The economic realities 4 Theoretical background and review of related literature 5 Comparative study of Islamic banking regulation frameworks in Indonesia and Malaysia 6 Analyses of financial performance and stability of Asian Islamic banks 7 Analyses of the dynamic concentration and competition level of the Islamic banking sector in Indonesia 8 Comparative analysis of the operational efficiency of conventional and Islamic banks 9 Structural dilemma of Indonesia’s Islamic banking 10 A hypothesis of explaining the low penetration of Indonesia’s Islamic banks; Shari’ah-compliant benchmark and Shari’ah-based 'raf' al-haraj' benchmark on prohibition of riba 11 Epilogue – A Quarter-century journey of Islamic banking development in Indonesia: A revisited
ISBN 978-0367219475
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