KIM Chan Hoe
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
Language Japanese
Publication Date 2023/02
Type Research paper
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title A Study of Jeju Island’s Shaman Song “Segyong Bonpuri”
-In connection with the Japanese myth “Tanabatano Honji(Amewakahikomonogatari)” and its embracement in modern times-
Contribution Type Single Work
Journal The Japanese Modern Association of Korea
Journal TypeAnother Country
Volume, Issue, Page (77),pp.69-96
Details This paper suggests the relationship between the Japanese myth “Tanabatano Honji (Amewakahikomonogatari)” and the shaman song of Jeju Island “Segyong Bonpuri” which has rarely been mentioned in previous studies, by comparing “Segyong Bonpuri” and the folktale “Kurongdongdongshinseonbi”. Most Korean researchers have believed that “Segyong Bonpuri” originated from the Yangchuk story, therefore, both are categorized as similar tales. However, this view should be revised due to the lack of evidence. The “Segyong Bonpuri” and the “Kurongdongdongshinseonbi” were originally the same set of tales though they show considerable differences in details. In addition, the story derived from Tanabata depicted in “Tanabatano Honji (Amewakahikomonogatari)” has been embraced in various forms of folk events such as the Tanabata Festival in modern and contemporary Japan.