Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of Sustainability and Tourism
   Position   Professor
Country of acquisition
Application No. PCT/JP01/09796
Date of Application 2001/11/07
Publication No. WO 03/041012 A1
Date of Publication 2003/05/14
Patent No. 3809838
Date of Grant 2006/06/02
Patent Title Japanese Patent Number: 3809838 (June 2, 2006), Image Highlight Correction Using Illumination Specific HSV Color Coordinates(特許)
Details 単独 出願区分:PCT国際出願 出願状況:登録 備考:An image highlight correction method comprising the steps of mapping the image data from RGB color coordinates to an illumination specific HSV color coordinate system the value axis of which is in the direction of the light source, estimating highlight free HSV coordinates for each pixel, and restoring a highlight free image in RGB representation. Image highlight correction programs and image acquisition systems that make use of this image highlight correction method are also disclosed.