BUI Thanh Huong
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of Sustainability and Tourism
   Position   Professor
Type Practical Example of Education Technique
Period 2017/04
Item Skill development
Details Workshop 1: Study Skills and Academic Writing I redesign the course using academic writing material and videos from University of California. I also introduced and guided students to utilize resources from online library of Perdue Writing Lab of Perdue University. Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality (EA and EB) I redesigned entire content of the course , though I have taught the same course for four years. I introduced an e-book and e-learning system supported by Cengage publisher. The e-book and e-learning platform allow for keeping track of student reading and homework. Reading before class helps them to understand the content of lecture easily , particularly for Japanese students. I requested all students to buy e-book with reasonable price and my TAs report their progress in reading and homework every week.