BUI Thanh Huong
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of Sustainability and Tourism
   Position   Professor
Type Practical Example of Education Technique
Period 2018/10~2019/01
Item Integration of GCET students with APU students in a regular English-based course
Details In Fall 2018 , I received five GCET students , who participated in English-based regular courses at APU under APU Global education initiative , where industry workers participated in English-based courses in APU. These students were sent to APU from their companies , so they are rich of industry experience to share to APU students. I redesigned class activities to increase opportunities for these GCET students to share thier experiences to undergraduate students and encourage them to participate in discussion with APU students. Feedback from these students are very positive. APU students also shared that they learnt and enjoyed working on projects with these matured students.