NAKATA Yukihiko
   Department     College of International Management
   Position   Visiting Professor
Type Presentation about Teaching
Type 2007/12/05
Item (Invied) "Knowledge Creation in Education of “Management of Technology” - “Knowledge Spiral Teaching Method” for Creativity –" , The 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management (ICIM0) ,
Details Organizational knowledge creation was proposed by Ikujiro Nonaka based on “knowledge spiral” Therefore , I proposed the interactive learning of “Knowledge Spiral Teaching Method” by user-friendly IT. This method includes 4 modes based on his theory. Socialization is sharing experiences by “Video Case Study”. Externalization is conceptualizing an image by small group discussion. Combination is systemizing concepts by using “Discussion & Presentation Form”. Internalization is embodying explicit knowledge into tacit knowledge by group presentation using the form. Then , this method had a beneficial effect and an excellent evaluation results on university education of Japanese and English class at my university.