NAKATA Yukihiko
   Department     College of International Management
   Position   Visiting Professor
Type Prepared Textbook and Other Teaching Materials
Type 2015/02/27
Item Case Study "Innovations created by Information Technologies with "Crowd""
Details Manufacturing professionals in R&D create most innovations. However, Hippel (2005) pioneered the concept of “user innovation” in which user-centered innovation processes offer great advantages over manufacturing-centric innovation. Chesbrough (2003) cited the emergence of a new paradigm—open innovation—that leverages internal and external sources of ideas and takes them to market via multiple paths. Advances in information technology (IT) now make it possible to connect an infinite number of people in a “crowd” from which innovators can draw services and resources. I propose a new model of “crowdinnovation” wherein the general public (the crowd) is the center of innovation. Crowdinnovation can be realized to combines and extends the existing business models such as crowdfunding to obtain funds, crowdsourcing to get human resources, and crowdstorming to create ideas.