Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University  College of International Management
   Position   Professor
Type Practical Example of Education Technique
Period 2022/10/03~2022/11/18
Item Effective use of inclusive teaching in the Product Development course
Details n my Product Development course which was attended by 226 students in Q3, with the support of DITA and a TA, I was able to make it more inclusive. Each lecture began by the DITA's 8 minutes presentation, giving a wrap up of the key points in the previous lecture. In the beginning of the course, the DITA carried out a survey to find out the student's name, nationality, the academic year. We used the information to form the groups so that diversity could be maximized. Once the group work started, attention was given so that they could work smoothly. If there was any problem, we helped them to solve it. In this course, students have to make a plan for a new product. The course was designed so that students from developing countries felt comfortable, by letting students think of a product which may be based on local needs in developing countries. As a result, the failure rate for this course was lower compared to the previous year. (5% in 2022) (9% in 2021)