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  KONDO Yuichi
   Department   Education Development and Learning Support Center
   Position   Professor
■ Education
1. 1993 Intercultural Communication, Speech-Communication, University of Minnesota, Completed
■ Academic and professional experience
1. 1985/04~2007/03 Nanzan University
■ Current research
Development of non-cognitive skills by overseas training programs for university students
■ Current specialized field
■ Books and theses
1. 2014/08 Article Japanese Universities and their Internationalization: Is Paradigm shift feasible? THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION : REALITIES AND IMPLICATIONS (Report of the International Workshop on University , 2013) 21,pp.61-73 (Single) 
■ Conference presentations
1. 2017/09/08 General Education with Global Learning Principle-Curriculum and AoL
2. 2014/09/04 Internationalization of Curriculum and Internationalization at Home (Current Trends in Student Mobility and Internationalization of Curriculum - Impact and Future Prospects -)
3. 2013/03/13 Designing a Course for Intercultural Competence Building-The Intercultural Challenge for the Interculturalist (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education Annual Conference)
4. 2012/09/21 Mission (nearly) Impossible-International Student Recruitment for Degree Program and Its Impact to the University (Korean Association of International Educators Semi-annual Conference)
5. 2009/12/10 Japanese-English Bi-lingual Education at APU (Ehime University)
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■ Professional contribution to Society
1. 2009/07~2009/07 FD for Elementary School Teachers