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  サトウ ヨウイチロウ   SATO Yoichiro
  佐藤 洋一郎
   所属   立命館アジア太平洋大学 アジア太平洋学部
   職種   教授
■ 学歴
1. 1992/08~1996/12 University of Hawaii Political Science Political Science 博士課程修了 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
2. 1989/08~1992/08 University of South Carolina Government and International Studies International Studies 修士課程修了 Master of Arts
3. 1985/04~1990/03 慶應義塾大学 Faculty of Laws 法律学科 卒業 学士
■ 職歴
1. 1998/01~2001/02 University of Auckland Lecturer
2. 1995/11~1998/01 Kansai Gaidai Hawaii College Political Science Professor
3. 1993/10~1995/08 University of Hawaii Lecturer
■ メッセージ
■ 現在の専門分野
政治学, 国際関係論 
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2020/07/15 論文  The United States Rewards the Philippines with Clarity 9DashLine  (単著)  Link
2. 2020/07/08 論文  Will China's Controlled Escalation in the South China Sea Lead to an ADIZ? 9DashLine  (単著)  Link
3. 2020/07/01 論文  Missile defense in Japan after the Aegis Ashore cancellation Japan Times  (単著)  Link
4. 2020/04/17 論文  Southeast Asia's silence over China's clashes with Vietnam 9DashLine  (共著)  Link
5. 2020/04/14 論文  Does America’s Brave Talk Support Vietnam on the Paracels? Australian Outlook  (単著)  Link
■ 所属学会
1. 2019/05 Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies
2. 2019/05 ∟ Editorial Advisory Board Member
3. 2018/02~2018/03 Philippine International Studies Organization
4. 2016/05~2017/03 International Association of Asia Pacific Studies (President)
5. 2016/05~2017/03 ∟ President
■ 学会発表
1. 2020/05/27 Japan's Indo-Pacific Strategy(Australian Institute of International Affairs Webinar)
2. 2020/05/18 FOIP and Japan's Maritime Vision in a Post-Covid period(Online discussion on 'Japan after the Covid-19')
3. 2020/05/14 Pandemic and maritime security in the South China Sea(Malaysian Alumni Engagement MARSEC)
4. 2020/05/12 China's NATO Challenge(Trans-Atlantic Security JAM)
5. 2020/05/05 How the pandemic crisis has impacted the security environment in Northeast Asia and What role the U.S. should take in response to COVID-19(DKI Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies Virtual Meeting)
■ 講師・講演
1. 2020/08/18 Nuclear Security in Indo-Pacific: Issues and Challenges
2. 2020/08/06 Japan's Missile Defense Debates: A Multipolar World, Collective Defense, and Leadership Transition(Washington DC (Webinar)) Link
3. 2020/07/30 Khi Mỹ - Úc cùng ứng phó Trung Quốc ở Biển Đông Link
4. 2020/07/22 Pandemic and Federalist Democracies--COVID-19 Responses in Brazil and India
5. 2020/07/16 Ngăn chặn Trung Quốc phiêu lưu quân sự trên Biển Đông
■ 研究課題・受託研究・科研費
1. 2014~2014  Japan's contributions to promotion of democracy abroad 企業からの受託研究 
2. 2011~2011  海洋安全保障能力構築 企業からの受託研究 
■ 教育上の能力
1. 2011/09 The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance
2. 2006/06/15 Japan in A Dynamic Asia
1. 2017/12/18 OVJEC Symposium "What is Japan Studies"?
1. 2018/12/24 非常勤講師 九州大学法科大学院
2. 2018/03/28 Washington Asia Forum , American University
■ 社会における活動
1. 2013/03~2013/03 Japan's maritime security interests in the Indian Ocean, symposium presentation, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations(国外)
2. 2013/03~2013/03 U.S. in East China Sea Disputes, Honolulu Star-Advertiser op-ed article(国外)
3. 2013/03~2013/03 US B-52 Overflight in a Joint US-ROK Exercise and North Korean Nuclear Development (a Voice of America interview)(国外)
4. 2013/02~2013/02 Mekong River Water Security, academic meeting at APU(国内)
5. 2013/02~2013/02 North Korean nuclear test, Voice of America interview(国外)
■ 委員会・協会等
1. 2010~2012 笹川平和財団海洋安全保障研究会 委員