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  BUI Thanh Huong
   Department   College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Education
1. 2008/02~2012/05 〔Doctoral course〕 Tourism Management, Department of Tourism Sport and Hotel Management, Griffith University, Completed, PhD
2. 2002/09~2004/09 〔Master degree program〕, Graduate School Division of International Management, Waseda University, Completed,
3. 1999/02~1999/12 〔Master degree program〕 Tourism Management, Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Griffith University, Completed
4. 2000/04/01
Degree Acquisition
Griffith University, MA
5. 1991/08~1995/06 Department of Chinese Studies, Vietnam National University, Graduated
■ Message
Use your time wisely to develop professional skills, knowledge, networks and cross-cultural understanding at APU.
■ Current specialized field
Tourism Studies, Commerce, Social Psychology 
■ Books and theses
1. 2020/06/19 Article Zoning for world heritage sites: dual dilemmas in development and demographic Tourism Geographies  (Collaboration)  Link
2. 2020/05 Book Social interactions among Asian backpackers: scale development and validation Current Issue in Asian Tourism pp.56-73 (Collaboration) 
3. 2020/03 Book Concluding remark and future outlook  pp.214-218 (Collaboration) 
4. 2020/03 Book Ecotourism and sustainable development in Vietnam’s protected areas  pp.59-72 (Collaboration) 
5. 2020/03 Book Mapping tourism, sustainability and development in Southeast Asia Tourism and Development in Southeast Asia pp.3-22 (Collaboration) 
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■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2015/08~2017/08 European Association for Southeast Asian Studies
2. 2011/01 Australia and New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies (ANZALS)
■ Conference presentations
1. 2020/02/19 Interpretation of war sites: A tour guide perspective. (2nd International Conference of Critical Tourism Studies Asia Pacific)
2. 2019/12/06 Keynote: Tourism and Development in Southeast Asia (Vietnam Tourism in the 21st Century)
3. 2019/12/04 Critical Issues for Tourism and Development in Southeast Asia (Sustainable Tourism Development: Lessons Learned for Southeast Asian Countries)
4. 2019/09/12 Reinventing Museums in the Context of Global Tourism: A Comparative Study of War-related Museums in East Asia and Southeast Asia (EuroASEAS 2019)
5. 2019/06/27 Keynote: Social-Ecological Systems Approach to Managing Tourism in a Living Heritage Site – Hoi An Ancient Town (Vietnam) (10th International Conference on Sustainable Niche Tourism)
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■ Research topic, funded research and KAKENHI
1.   Cultural festivals and events  (Key Word : cultural festival, special events, operations, planning and impacts)
2.   Dark tourism  (Key Word : war sites, battlefields, veteran)
3.   International education  (Key Word : International students, academic motivation, self-efficacy, resilience, self-esteem)
4.   Tourism in Southeast Asia  (Key Word : Heritage, cultural tourism)
5.   Tourist consumption  (Key Word : Middle class, new rich, social distinction)
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■ Awards and honors
1. 2019 Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Research
2. 2018 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Research
3. 2018 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Teaching
4. 2017/02 2016 Best Paper Second Runner Up - The Journal of Destination Marketing and Management
5. 2014/07 The Best Paper Award - TOSOK Conference 2014, Gangneung, Korea
■ Educational ability
● Practice example of education method
1. 2021/01/23 Organize and Revise Joint Symposium for Students of Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism Studies
2. 2020/10/01~ Enhancement of problem-based learning methods
3. 2020/10/01~ Innovation in teaching online
4. 2020/01/25~2020/01/26 Promotion of inter-university seminar teaching and learning exchange (APU, Wakayama Uni., Yamaguchi Uni, Ryukyu Uni.
5. 2019/06/01~2019/06/10 Professional workshop
● Made textbook and teaching material
● Announcement concerning education
● Matter that should be mentioned specially in others educational activity
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■ Professional contribution to Society
1. 2020/07 Public Virtual Public Talk: Domestic Tourism in Vietnam