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  ジョンストン パトリック ジョン
  JOHNSTON Patrick J
   所属   立命館アジア太平洋大学 言語教育センター
   職種   嘱託講師
■ 学歴
1. 2016/04~2018/03 Queen's University Department of Graduate Studies Education 修了 Professional Master of Education
■ メッセージ
Do your best, join lots of circles, make lots of friends, and really make use of all the opportunities you have at APU! I truly hope you had a great experience at APU. May your experiences serve you well in your future careers! 
■ 研究内容
I am currently investigating the validity and reliability of automated scoring methods of language assessment. In addition, I am interested in the correlation of different tests, and how well they each evaluate different language skills. 
■ 現在の専門分野
言語学, 英語学, 外国語教育, 教育学, 学習支援システム (キーワード:Language Testing) 
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2020/01 論文  Incorporating an External Online Test into a University Language Program JALT Postconference Publication: Teacher Efficacy, Learner Agency 2019.1(August 2020),pp.534-546 (共著)  Link
■ 所属学会
1. 2018/04~ NPO Japan Association for Language Teaching (Oita Chapter) Link
2. 2019/01~2019/12 ∟ Publicity Chair
3. 2020/01~ ∟ Treasurer
4. 2018/01~ Royal Canadian Legion Link
■ 学会発表
1. 2019/05/19 Keep It Positive: Raising Young Bilingual Learners(2019 Japan Association of Language Teaching PanSIG)
■ 受賞学術賞
1. 2020/09 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Award for Outstanding Service in the Field of Teaching AY2019