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  トラン ツィ ビン
  TRAN Thuy Vinh
   所属   立命館アジア太平洋大学 言語教育センター
   職種   客員准教授
■ メッセージ
Be active and proactive in learning, be comfortable and cheerful in class, learn with cooperation spirit and passion, live with optimism and confidence, learn from failure.
■ 研究内容
My research may be assigned into three groups:
(1) Comparing and compiling reference documents and books for teaching Vietnamese language and Vietnamese linguistics to foreign students, as well as teaching linguistics, Vietnamese linguistics and English to Vietnamese students.
(2) Comparing and applying linguistics for research to compile reference documents, such as Vietnamese textbooks for foreign students.
At present, the Vietnamese textbooks have certain advantages, and contribute remarkably to teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. However, there is a need for a set of uniform and standardized Vietnamese textbooks from the basic level to advanced level. This is necessary and urgent, for both teaching and evaluating Vietnamese as a second language at all levels. The assessment should be based on such a set of unified and standardized Vietnamese textbooks so that it is possible to verify the standard evaluation framework of Vietnamese proficiency in a comprehensive way, based on the knowledge of the language, socio-cultural knowledge and the requirements for language skills.
(3) Researching methodology or techniques for teaching Vietnamese as a second language.
Due to the diversity of learning objects and textbooks, the point of views and the methods of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners has become varied. Teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language effectively requires the application of linguistic knowledge, especially applied linguistics, which is on the basis of comparison. Recently, it is clear that in Vietnam, teaching Vietnamese is mainly based on communication approaches combined with learner-centered methods, and the teacher also pays attention to the cultural - linguistic aspects of Vietnamese as well as the students' mother tongue.
■ 現在の専門分野
言語学, 言語教育