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  HIRANO MIiharu
   Department   College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Education
1. 2013/04~2018/03 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Kyoto University, Completed, Ph.D Link
2. 2008/04~2013/03 Faculty of Laws, Kyoto University, Graduated, LL.B.
■ Message
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Try to connect the realities of your everyday life and the essence of what you study.

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Research is a part of life. Learn more about yourself and others.
■ Current research
Specializing in the field of international law, I research rules and institutions that relate to fresh water. Water can be a source of conflict between States as well as among people, and this tendency is becoming stronger. In my opinion, international law could serve as a tool to prevent, mitigate and solve such conflicts. For example, States have recently affirmed the existence of the human right to safe drinking water and their respective international legal duties to take steps to provide water for all (according to the United Nations, at present 844 million people lack access to the basic level of water service in the world). An increasing number of treaties on internationally shared watercourses, a widening scope of environmental conventions such as for the protection of wetlands, and the expanding field of international economic law that regulate foreign investment to water infrastructures or trade in water are other examples of the development of international law relating to water. Looking at them from the perspective of water, are they harmonized and effective in solving water-related problems world-wide? Or do we see overlaps and gaps? Furthermore, these questions also lead to a theoretical inquiry on the institutionalization of international legal order.
■ Current specialized field
International law, New fields of law (Key Word:international law. international water law, international human rights law, global governance and law)  Link
■ Books and theses
1. 2018 Article The Human Right to Water within Global Trends and the Regulation of Water Services Privatization: Developing an Approach to “the Boundaries between International and Domestic Law Kobe Annals of Law and Politics pp.223-243 (Single)  Link
2. 2017 Article Is Investment Arbitration Inimical to the Human Right to Water?: The Re-examination of Arbitral Decisions on Water Services Julien Chaisse ed. Charting the Water Regulatory Future: Issues, Challenges and Directions pp.145-166 (Collaboration)  Link
3. 2016 Article Public Participation in the Global Regulatory Governance of Water Services: Global Administrative Law Perspective on the Inspection Panel of the World Bank and Amicus Curiae in Investment Arbitration Utilities Policy 43(3),pp.21-31 (Single)  Link
■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2013~ Japanese Society of International Law
2. 2013~ The Japanese Association of World Law
■ Conference presentations
1. 2018/09/19 Normative Interactions between SDG 6 and the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation (World Water Congress)
2. 2015/10/08 In Quest of Legitimate Global Water Governance: Examining the World Bank and Investment Arbitration through the Lens of Global Administrative Law (The First International Conference on Redrafting Water Governance)
■ Educational ability
● Special note of person who has experience of business
1. 2016/04~2017/12 International Water Association, Specially Appointed Researcher Link
2. 2012/10~2013/02 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Tokyo Office, Protection Unit, Intern
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