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  ルウ ペトラス ウェレム   ROUX Petrus Willem
  Petrus Willem ROUX
   所属   立命館アジア太平洋大学 教育開発・学修支援センター
   職種   准教授
■ 学歴
1. 2016/04~2020/03 Kumamoto University Kumamoto University 修了 Ph.D
2. 2009/02~2012/07 Birmingham University 修士課程修了 M.A. TESOL
3. 2007/02~2009/12 Birkbeck College, University of London Human Resource Management 修士課程修了 M.Sc. Human Resource Management
4. 1990/02~1998/03 North West University School for Social Sciences Clinical Psychology 修士課程修了 M.A. Clinical Psychology
■ 職歴
1. 2020/03~2020/09 Saga University Faculty of Art and Regional Design - Organisation for General Education Associate Professor
2. 2015/04~2020/03 Saga University Faculty of Art and Regional Design - Organisation for General Education Lecturer
3. 2010/10~2015/03 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Center for Language Education (CLE) Lecturer
4. 1996/03~2000/07 South African Government: Correctional Services Clinical Psychologist
5. 1995/03~1996/02 University of Cape Town / Child Guidance Clinic & Red Cross Children's Hospital Complex Psychologist Intern
■ 現在の専門分野
Educational technology (キーワード:psychology of learning, intercultural competence, cultural intelligence, learning design, instructional technology) 
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2021/07/31 論文  Developing cultural intelligence (CQ) in blended environments: Towards an appraisal of experiential learning International Journal for Educational Media and Technology 15(1),pp.95-106 (単著)  Link
2. 2020/08 論文  Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) through Experiential Learning: Considering relevance and rationale in Blended Environments International Journal for Educational Media and Technology 14(1),pp.29--37 (共著)  Link
3. 2019/06 論文  Designing Instruction to develop Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Reporting on Blended Learning Outcomes at a Japanese University International Journal for Educational Media and Technology 13(1),pp.27-34 (共著)  Link
4. 2019/06 論文  Examining the self-perceived development of cultural intelligence (CQ) in a blended learning environment The Journal of Information and Systems in Education 18(1),pp.69-76 (共著)  Link
5. 2018/06 論文  Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Designs for Blended Learning International Journal for Educational Media and Technology 12(1),pp.18-28 (共著)  Link
■ 所属学会
1. Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) - Professional Board for Psychology
2. Japanese Association for Educational Media Study (JAEMS)
3. Japanese Association for Language Teachers (JALT)
4. Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education (JSISE)
■ 学会発表
1. 2022/03/11 Towards a Pedagogy for Environmental Citizenship Education: A Preliminary Learning Analysis for Undergraduate Education at an International University in Japan(iREEC 2022: 2nd International Conference of International Researchers of the Education for Environmental Citizenship 2022) Link
2. 2021/12/04 Designs for Learning: Writing SDGs into Undergraduate Education(Asia Pacific Conference 2021) Link
3. 2021/12/04 Sustainability Practices: A Case Study in Developing an Inclusive Pedagogy for Environmental Citizenship Education at a Japanese International University(Asia Pacific Conference 2021) Link
4. 2021/08/20 Designing an Online Learning Reflection Checklist for developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in Undergraduates at a Japanese University(19th International Conference for Media in Education: Redesigning the Learning Environment in Digital Transformation and AI) Link
5. 2020/11/02 Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in Japanese Undergraduates: Insights from Formative Learning Assessments in a Blended Environment(Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT) 2020 Convention - Culturally situated learning design and research) Link
■ 資格・免許
1. 1997/01/01 Clinical Psychologist
■ 担当経験のある科目
1. Educational Development&Learning Design(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
2. English(立命館アジア太平洋大学)
3. English Language Lecturer(Saga University)
4. English Language Lecturer(Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
5. English&Immersion Programs(佐賀大学)
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