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  ZHOU Zhen
   Department   Center for Language Education
   Position   Lecturer
■ Education
1. 2012/04~2015/03 Intercultural Relations, Graduate School, Division of International Culture, Tohoku University, Completed, Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (International Cultural Studies) Link
■ Message
I hope my lessons and research will help you in your studies.
■ Current specialized field
Linguistics, Foreign language education (Key Word:Chinese linguistic, corpus linguistics, syntax, semantics, second-language acquisition) 
■ Books and theses
1. 2020/03 Article Development of a Parsed Corpus of Chinese: On the Details of the Syntactic Analysis Journal of International Cultural Studies (26),pp.89-104 (Collaboration)  Link
2. 2019/07 Article Development of a Parsed Corpus : On the Analysis of Chinese Noun Phrases NINJAL Research Papers (17),pp.35-65 (Collaboration)  Link
3. 2017/04 Article About Japanese Learning and Using KOTOBA TO MOZI (7),pp.25-32 (Single) 
4. 2015/12 Article Analysis of Chinese serial verb constructions  (14),pp.227-252 (Collaboration) 
5. 2015/03 Article On the Unity of Disyllabic VN Verbs in Mandarin Chinese: Corpus Distribution and Influence on Japanese Language Learners Journal of International Cultural Studies (21),pp.99-112 (Collaboration)  Link
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■ Conference presentations
1. 2017/12 Analysis of Chinese Noun Phrase: On the Difference between Topic and Subject (NINJAL International Symposium 2017, Exploiting Parsed Corpora Applications in Research, Pedagogy, and Processing. National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics) Link
2. 2012/08 Keyaki Treebank: Phrase structure with functional information for Japanese (国立情報学研究所テキストアノテーションワークショップ) Link
3. 2012/03 Combining and splitting bunsetsu of the Kyoto Text Corpus (言語処理学会第18回年次大会) Link
4. 2012/03 Problems for successful bunsetsu based parsing and some solutions (言語処理学会第18回年次大会) Link
5. 2011/03 Development of corpora tagged with high-precision semantic information (言語処理学会第17回年次大会) Link
■ Research topic, funded research and KAKENHI
1. 2018/04~  Development of a Chinese Database for Chinese Learners  (Key Word : treebank, syntactic analysis, database) Link
2. 2014/04~2016/03  Development of a Chinese Treebank with Predicate Logic Representations  (Key Word : treebank, syntactic analysis, semantic analysis) Link
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