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   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Education
1. 1988/09~1990/05 〔Master Course〕 International Relations, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Completed, Master of Arts on Law and Diplomacy
2. 1983/04~1987/03 Faculty of Laws, The University of Tokyo, Graduated, Bachelor of Arts on Law
■ Academic and professional experience
1. 1987/04~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs
■ Message
I have been teaching international relations at APU since October 2022. During Fall Semester, I will teach international organizations and will run a special lecture on international relations.
I look forward to seeing you at the class and sharing my working experience for the last 35 years
as a Japanese diplomat.
■ Current specialized field
International law, Politics, International relations, Environmental policy and social systems (Key Word:International Relations, Foreign Policy, OECD, WTO, Trade and Environment) 
■ Books and theses
1. 2024/03/25 Article WTO Committee on Trade and Environment-Why Rules Cannot be Made by Negotiations Tokyo Review of International Law pp.1-25 (Single)  Link
2. 2023/10/16 Article ASEAN Integration at a Crossroad World Economic Review 67(6),pp.92-103 (Single)  Link
3. 1997/10/01 Article WTO Committee on Trade and Environment-Its Working Process and Post-Singapore Prospect Trade and Tariff pp.87-109 (Single) 
4. 1996/09/29 Article Trade and Environment-Report on OECD and WTO Summary Report of Annual Conference of Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies pp.276-279 (Single) 
■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2023/06~ Japan Association of International Relations (JAIR)
2. 2023/05~ Japanese Society of International Law (JSIL)
3. 2023/04~ Japan Association of International Economic Law (JAIEL)
4. 2022/05~ The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law
5. 2009/09~ International Law Colloquium, University of Tokyo
■ Conference presentations
1. 2024/01/27 Carbon Border Adjustments in the EU and Beyond-Their Policy Implications and Compatibility with WTO Law (Academic Association of International Law, Kyoto University)
2. 2023/11/19 The Role of WTO in Trade and Environment Rule-making: Lessons Learned from Committee on Trade and Environment (Annual Conference of Japan Association of International Economic Law)
3. 2023/11/10 2023 Thai General Election-What It Means for Thai Democracy (Annual Conference of Japan Association of International Relations)
4. 2023/09/30 ASEAN Integration at a Crossroad
5. 2023/09/16 G7 Hiroshima Summit (European Japan Advanced Research Network (EJARN) Conference 2023)
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■ Works
1. 2021/01/27 Post-pandemic Thailand: Background and Implications of Growing Protest Movement (Tokyo)
■ Educational ability
● Practice example of education method
1. 2022/10/01~ International Organizations
2. 2022/10/01~ Special Lecture on International Relations