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  PORTO Massimiliano
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Education
1. 〔Doctorial Course〕, 経済学研究科, Kobe University, Completed, PhD
■ Current specialized field
Economic policy (Key Word:International Trade, Trade Policy, Foreign Direct Investment) 
■ Books and theses
1. 2022/09/14 Book Introduction to Mathematics for Economics with R  pp.1-853 (Single)  Link
2. 2020/03/18 Book Using R for Trade Policy Analysis. R Codes for the UNCTAD and WTO Practical Guide   (Single)  Link
3. 2019/04/19 Article The rules of origin in the EU–Japan relations from the 1980s to the EPA and BREXIT Asia Europe Journal 18,pp.35-55 (Single)  Link
4. Book Expectations of Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises Regarding the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Analysis from an Independent Survey   (Single)  Link
5. 2023/10/18 Article Has Brexit affected employment in Japanese affiliates in the UK? Economic Affairs 43(3),pp.314-339 (Collaboration)  Link
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■ Conference presentations
1. 2022/07/08 The Effects of Brexit on Japanese Investments in Europe: a network analysis (EUSAAP)
■ External Researcher ID
orcID 0000-0002-5851-3429