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   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Education
1. 2005/10~2011/12 〔Doctorial Course〕, School of International, Political and Strategic Studies, The Australian National University, Completed, PhD International, Political, and Strategic Studies
2. 1998/09~1999/12 〔Master Course〕, MA Pacific-Asian Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Completed, MA Pacific-Asian Studies
3. ~1998/08 Department of Political Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Graduated, BA Politics
■ Academic and professional experience
1. 2021/04~2022/09 Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics Associate Professor
2. 2019/04~2021/03 Yamanashi Gakuin University International College of Liberal Arts Associate Professor
3. 2015/08~2019/03 Thammasat University Master Degree Program in Asia-Pacific Studies Lecturer
4. 2013/01~2019/03 Thammasat University Faculty of Political Science Lecturer
5. 2011/10~2012/12 Srinakharinwirot University International College for Sustainability Studies Lecturer
■ Current specialized field
Area studies, Politics 
■ Books and theses
1. 2023/09 Book Coup-Prone Myanmar and Thailand: Democratic Subjects and Unbound Serialities ASEAN and Regional Actors in the Indo-Pacific pp.185-198 (Single)  Link
2. 2022/01 Book Reducing the Level of Ethno-Cultural Tensions in Thailand: Transformation through National Unity with Otherness Social Transformations in India, Myanmar, and Thailand: Volume II pp.51-70 (Single)  Link
3. 2022/01 Book Seeking Common Ground and Reconciliation: Islam, Thai Citizenship and Multiculturalism Social Transformations in India, Myanmar, and Thailand: Volume II pp.83-107 (Single)  Link
4. 2021/12 Article E-commerce in India and Japan  pp.1-21 (Collaboration)  Link
5. 2021/02 Book Multicultural Transformation and Anti-Multicultural Injustice: Critical Histories in the Muslim-dominated Deep South of Thailand Social Transformation in India, Myanmar, and Thailand: Volume I pp.349-362 (Single)  Link
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■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2020/02~ Association for Asian Studies
■ Conference presentations
1. 2023/08/09 Hedging against Goliaths?: Small States and Strategic Uncertainties of the Asia-Indo-Pacific Countries in the Post Covid-19 Era (ISA Asia-Pacific Conference)
2. 2022/07/22 From Integrative Cooperation to Risk Aversion: the Role of APEC Revisited in a New Era of International Security (APEC Study Centre Consortium Conference 2022 (ASCCC 2022) (“Post Covid-19 and Future Directions of APEC”))
3. 2021/08/25 E-commerce in India and Japan (Trade and Development Regional Forum 2021 Recharging Asia: Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development amidst Post Pandemic World (Virtual Forum))
4. 2019/12/09 ASEAN, the Indo-Pacific and Security: Future Directions (International Seminar on Australia – Thai Relations in a Changing Region)
5. 2018/12/07 Multicultural Discourse and Plural Monocultural Practice in the Deep South of Thailand (3rd Thammasat Annual Academics and Postgraduate Conference in Asia Pacific Studies)
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■ Research topic, funded research and KAKENHI
1. 2021/07~2021/08  E-commerce in India and Japan  (Key Word : )
2. 2017/06~2019/12  Book Series Project of Nurturing Area Studies Specialists: Cases of Australia and New Zealand  (Key Word : )
3. 2017/02~2019/03  History of ODA  (Key Word : )
■ Educational ability
● Special note of person who has experience of business
1. 2020/04/01~2021/03/31 Director of Liberal Arts Programme, International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University
2. 2018/02/01~2019/03/31 Director, Thai APEC Study Centre, Thammasat Institute of Area Studies, Thammasat University
3. 2016/02/01~2019/03/31 Vice Dean for International Affairs, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University
■ Committee and society
1. 2016/08~2021/03 Executive Board of Directors, Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies, Thammasat Institute of Area Studies, Thammsat University Executive Board Member
■ E-Mail address
■ Researchmap researcher code