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  SATO Yoichiro
   Department   Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Education
1. 1992/08~1996/12 〔Doctorial Course〕 Political Science, Political Science, University of Hawaii, Completed, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
2. 1989/08~1992/08 〔Master Course〕 International Studies, Government and International Studies, University of South Carolina, Completed, Master of Arts
3. 1985/04~1990/03 Keio University, Graduated,
■ Academic and professional experience
1. 1998/01~2001/02 University of Auckland Lecturer
2. 1995/11~1998/01 Kansai Gaidai Hawaii College Political Science Professor
3. 1993/10~1995/08 University of Hawaii Lecturer
■ Message
Message to undergraduate students: Gaining fluency in multiple languages and possessing specialized knowledge are essential for living a meaningful life in a globalized society. While most Japanese universities fail to produce such graduates, I hope that students who come to APU will take advantage of the best educational opportunities currently available in Japan that APU offers, and grow towards the next step of their life. Message to graduate school students: The uniquely diverse cultural environment at APU offers the best learning opportunities for both academic and practical excellence. Be prepared to challenge yourself to the maximum extent and find the right mentor who can facilitate this process.
■ Current specialized field
Politics, International Relations (Key Word:International Relations, Security Studies, International Political Economy, Comparative Political Economy, Maritime Issues) 
■ Books and theses
1. 2023/03/08 Book Handbook of Indo-Pacific Studies   (Collaboration) 
2. 2023/03/08 Book The United States in the Indo-Pacific: An Overstretched Hegemon? Handbook of Indo-Pacific  (Single) 
3. 2023/03/07 Article Japan’s Counter-Strike Capabilities: Southeast Asians Should be Circumspect Falcrum  (Single)  Link
4. 2023/01/16 Article Japan’s Responses to Chinese Grey-Zone Tactics: Giving Southeast Asia A Leg-up Falcrum  (Single)  Link
5. 2023 Book India-Japan Alignment in the Indo-Pacific Global India: The Pursuit of Influence and Status  (Collaboration)  Link
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■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2019/05 Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies
2. 2019/05 ∟ Editorial Advisory Board Member
3. 2018/02~2018/03 Philippine International Studies Organization
4. 2016/05~2017/03 International Association of Asia Pacific Studies (President)
5. 2016/05~2017/03 ∟ President
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■ Conference presentations
1. 2020/05/27 Japan's Indo-Pacific Strategy (Australian Institute of International Affairs Webinar)
2. 2020/05/18 FOIP and Japan's Maritime Vision in a Post-Covid period (Online discussion on 'Japan after the Covid-19')
3. 2020/05/14 Pandemic and maritime security in the South China Sea (Malaysian Alumni Engagement MARSEC)
4. 2020/05/12 China's NATO Challenge (Trans-Atlantic Security JAM)
5. 2020/05/05 How the pandemic crisis has impacted the security environment in Northeast Asia and What role the U.S. should take in response to COVID-19 (DKI Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies Virtual Meeting)
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■ Works
1. 2020/10 Japanese PM Suga's visit to Vietnam and Indonesia (India)
2. 2020/08/18 Nuclear Security in Indo-Pacific: Issues and Challenges
3. 2020/08/06 Japan's Missile Defense Debates: A Multipolar World, Collective Defense, and Leadership Transition (Washington DC (Webinar)) Link
4. 2020/07/22 Pandemic and Federalist Democracies--COVID-19 Responses in Brazil and India
5. 2020/06/17 Politics and International Relations in Southeast Asia amid the COVID-19 Pandemic (Online)
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■ Research topic, funded research and KAKENHI
1. 2014~2014  Japan's contributions to promotion of democracy abroad  (Key Word : )
■ Educational ability
● Made textbook and teaching material
1. 2011/09 The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance
2. 2006/06/15 Japan in A Dynamic Asia
● Announcement concerning education
1. 2017/12/18 OVJEC Symposium "What is Japan Studies"?
● Matter that should be mentioned specially in others educational activity
1. 2018/03/28 Washington Asia Forum , American University
2. 2018/03/14 Guest Seminar , Victoria University Wellington
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■ Professional contribution to Society
1. 2012/12~2012/12 The North American Post (Japanese), Senkaku Islands issue Link
■ External Researcher ID
orcID 0000-0002-6673-4846