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  KASEDA Yoshinori
   Department   College of Asia Pacific Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Education
1. 2005/12 〔Doctoral course〕, Dept of Political Science, Northern Illinois University, Completed
2. 1993/03 Faculty of Literature, Kumamoto University, Graduated,
■ Academic and professional experience
1. 2014/04 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Professor
2. 2007/04~2014/03 University of Kitakyushu Associate Professor
3. 2003/10~2007/03 University of Kitakyushu Associate Professor
4. 2002/04~2003/09 University of Kitakyushu Assistant Professor
5. 2001/03~2002/03 Miyazaki International College Assistance Professor
■ Message
Please try and become someone that can take on board criticism and think about things independently. Make the most of the international learning environment available to you at APU and broaden your horizons.
■ Current specialized field
Politics, International Relations (Key Word:Japan, North Korea, Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia, International Security, International Politics) 
■ Books and theses
1. 2019/03 Article The Post-Summit Stalemate of the U.S.-DPRK Relations East Asian Studies  (Single) 
2. 2017/04 Book Regional Institutions, Geopolitics and Economics in the Asia-Pacific: Evolving Interests and Strategies  pp.93-112 (Collaboration) 
3. 2016/11 Book One Korea: Vision of Korean Unification  pp.186-205 (Collaboration) 
4. 2015/07 Book United States Engagement in the Asia Pacific: Perspectives from Asia  pp.137-170 (Collaboration) 
5. 2015/03 Book The North Korea Crisis and Regional Responses  pp.70-87 (Collaboration) 
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■ Academic or professional association memberships
1. 2010/06 The Peace Studies Association of Japan
2. 2006/12 Japan Society of East Asian Studies
3. 2006/11 Association for Contemporary Korean Studies in Japan
4. 2001/10 The Japan Association of International Relations
■ Conference presentations
1. 2019/05/30 A Japanese Perspective on Japan-U.S.-ROK cooperation
2. 2019/05/26 Japan's value-based diplomacy toward South and North Korea
3. 2019/05/17 Japan’s Security Policy under the Abe Administration (Emerging Political and Economic Issues in Northeast Asia)
4. 2018/12/13 The U.S.-DPRK Relations after their Summit and Japan (Japan-ROK-PRC Joint International Conference: The New Phase of the North Korean Nuclear Problem and Northeast Asia in Turbulence)
5. 2018/12/02 The Factors behind Japan's New Security Posture (The 16th Asia-Pacific Conference)
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■ Research topic, funded research and KAKENHI
1.   Japan's national security, international politics of Northeast Asia, North Korea's nuclear weapons development  (Key Word : Japan, Northeast Asia, Secutiy)
2. 2018~2020  The Factors behind Japan's New Security Posture  (Key Word : )
■ Educational ability
● Practice example of education method
1. 2018/04/01 Educational Efforts
2. 2017/04/01 Educational Efforts
3. 2016/04/01 Educational efforts
4. 2015/04/01 Educational efforts
5. 2014/04/01~2018/12/01 Teaching methods
■ Professional contribution to Society
1. 2019/12~2019/12 Public Lecture, "How should Japan deal with the Korean Peninsula"
2. 2019/11~2019/11 Public Lecture: "Current Affairs of the Korean Peninsula and Problems with Japan's diplomacy
3. 2019/10~2019/10 Presentation at a Japan-Korea Exchange Meeting, "The current status of Japan-Korea relations"
4. 2019/10~2019/10 Member of the Executive Committee for a Japan-Korea Exchange Meeting in Oita City
5. 2018/11~2018/11 Planning and holding an international academic workshop
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